Intellasia East Asia News – Business travellers from Taiwan not allowed entry into Japan until autumn


Japan will open up to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam in first phase

Taiwanese business travellers may need to wait until autumn to be allowed entry to Japan, which is set to reopen its borders for foreign visitors soon.

Businesspeople from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam will first be able to visit the East Asian country, announced Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday (June 18). These countries are selected for having brought the coronavirus under control, The Japan Times quoted Abe as saying.

The move marks a major step forward in Japan’s resumption of international travel by letting in business travellers first, while international students are expected to be allowed entry at a later date. Details of the plan are still being hammered out as Japan engages in talks with relevant countries.

Those arriving will be required to submit health certificates indicating they tested negative for COVID-19, and provide an itinerary during their sojourn in Japan. They will also be asked to register their GPS data via a smartphone app for better tracking by the authorities, reported Japan Today.

Taiwan is likely to be included in the list of nations where businesspeople are granted entry in the second stage of the travel curbs relaxation, said Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC). The measure is believed to take place in autumn.

Meanwhile, Japan is planning to establish a coronavirus testing centre for overseas travellers as the country gradually reopens, per Nikkei Asian Review. As of Friday (June 19), Japan has recorded 17,588 coronavirus cases, including 935 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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