Intellasia East Asia News – Enoch Wu says CECC head would be ‘good candidate’ for Taipei mayor


Enoch Wu, deputy CEO of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) think tank New Frontier Foundation, was asked about his thoughts on minister of Health and Welfare and CECC head Chen Shih-chung as a Taipei mayoral candidate at an event on Sunday (June 14).

Wu, along with DPP legislators Su Chih-fen and Tsai I-yu, attended an event at the farmers market at Hope Plaza in Taipei on Sunday to promote Taiwanese rice, CNA reported.

Both Chen and Wu are regarded as popular DPP Taipei mayoral candidates, though neither has officially declared their candidacy. During the event, reporters asked Wu, “Who is more popular, minister Chen or you?”

Wu said, “Minister Chen Shih-chung is a good candidate.”

They then pressed further, asking, “If minister Chen won, would Taipei be better?”

He responded, “Minister Chen is a great candidate.”

Wu later mentioned that over the past six months, he has spoken all over the country, hoping to discuss the importance of civic participation and national defense with more young Taiwanese. This is the focus of our future work, he stated.

Reporters then asked, “Is it possible to take command of Taipei and work for Taipei residents?”

To which Wu replied, “Our base is already in Taipei,” referring to the DPP’s headquarters.


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