‘We’re Russia, we’re together’: WATCH aerobatic team paint the skies on Russia Day


In celebration of Russia Day, an aerobatic team took to the skies over Moscow Region, sending a patriotic message to all Russians to stay strong and united in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Perviy Polet (First Flight) aerobatic team took to the skies on Friday to mark the national holiday. Perviy Polet is the only aerobatic team in the country that uses propeller planes, including the iconic Yakovlev Yak-52 Soviet trainer aircraft.

Footage of the stunt, filmed by multiple cameras on the ground and on the wings of the planes, shows the team taking off from the airfield. Five machines fly in formation, writing “We’re Russia! We’re together!” with a trail of smoke.

“On June 12, we recall the history of the formation and development of Russia, which we are, without a doubt, proud of. People are our greatest asset. By our action we want to show that we can achieve a lot with our joint efforts,” the leader of the aerobatic team, Dmitry Samokhvalov, said.

Apart from celebrating Russia Day, the stunt was also a tribute to the doctors and volunteers, as well as all Russians enduring the coronavirus outbreak.

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Source Russia Today

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