Intellasia East Asia News – Bikeway project inaugurated to connect Taipei, New Taipei along Keelung River


Cyclists no longer must cross bridge to right bank for riding from Xizhi to Taipei

After a bikeway was inaugurated on Wednesday (June 3), cyclists can now ride from Taipei to Keelung along the left bank of the Keelung River without having to cross a bridge.

The “Keelung River bikeway connecting project,” initiated by the New Taipei City government, connects Nanyang Bridge in Xizhi, New Taipei with the riverside bikeway in Nangang, CNA reported. In the past, cyclists had to cross the bridge to the right bank in order to ride from Xizhi to Taipei.

The connecting project, which cost NT$80.32 million (US$2.68 million) to build, was purposefully inaugurated on June 3, World Bicycle Day.

The inauguration of the 1,300-metre connecting bikeway has realised a complete bikeway system that connects Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung.


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