Cities and states delay Covid-19 vaccine distribution because of winter storms


Here are the localities and states that have delayed or postponed vaccine distribution so far:

The weather will cause some vaccination delays in the state, Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday evening. He said he hopes the state will be able to make up for any postponements next week, after the last of the weather dissipates.

In Louisville, the LouVax vaccination site at Broadbent Arena will be closed Tuesday, the city’s mayor said.


All Mississippi Department of Health drive-through vaccination sites will be closed Tuesday, with the exception of the Coast Coliseum site in Harrison County, the department said.

“Canceled appointments at all other sites will automatically be rescheduled for the same time on an alternate day,” the department tweeted.


Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said Monday the state canceled all of its mass vaccination events scheduled for Monday through Friday because of the extreme winter weather.

“Missouri is experiencing severe winter weather that makes driving dangerous and threatens the health and safety of anyone exposed to the cold. These conditions will also likely delay some vaccine shipments,” Parson said. “We want to protect the safety of everyone involved in the mass vaccination events, from the patients being vaccinated to the volunteers who generously support these events.”


The Nevada Health Response tweeted Monday the state may experience a delay in deliveries this week due to the powerful storms.

The state received word the disruption could occur and it is working with the health districts and pharmacies that may be affected.

“We ask Nevadans to continue to be patient at this time,” the tweet read.


Some vaccination sites will have adjusted hours or be closed temporarily throughout the week to “ensure public safety is a priority consideration,” the Oklahoma Department of Health said.

The department said it will provide updates on its website as information comes in from regional health departments.


Sites run by several county health departments were closed Tuesday, the state department of health said Tuesday.

People who had appointments for Tuesday will be contacted, and appointments will be rescheduled, the department said on Twitter.


Corpus Christi

No first-dose vaccines are being shipped to Corpus Christi-Nueces County Public Health District Monday and Tuesday due to winter weather, according to a news release from the city.

The soonest a new shipment may come will be Wednesday, according to the news release.

Dallas County

The county said it has closed its Fair Park vaccination site through Wednesday.

Harris County

The winter storm cut power to the Harris County Public Health Department building around 2 a.m. Monday and the backup generator also failed, putting more than 8,400 coronavirus vaccines in jeopardy of spoiling, Harris County Judge Lena Hidalgo said Monday afternoon.

Texans search for warmth as plunging temperatures knock out utilities and cell service

Officials quickly put a plan together to allocate and salvage the vaccines, Hidalgo said.

Harris County officials settled on Houston’s Ben Taub, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Methodist Hospitals, as well as Rice University and the Harris County Jail as the locations to receive the vaccine overnight, Hidalgo said.

San Antonio

The city postponed vaccine appointments scheduled to take place Tuesday at the Alamodome until Saturday due to the storm, according to a news release from the city.

This was the second straight day San Antonio postponed vaccinations at the venue. Over the weekend, the city made the decision to move Monday’s appointments to Friday.

CNN’s Keith Allen, Dave Alsup, Amanda Jackson, Rebekah Riess and Jennifer Selva contributed to this report.

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